Sunday, November 25, 2012

it's a zig, it's a zag...

Hello Friends...

So I just recently (as in last weekend, I know, should've posted sooner) finished a quick test knit for the awesomely colorful Lee Meredith at The pattern is basically 3-in-1 since it includes the mitts (fingerless or full mittens), legwarmers, and a cowl. Plus, you can choose all sorts of different chevron color choices. I had a blast knitting it up and it really didn't take that long. It is colorwork with stranded knitting, so a bit of experience with that helps, but over all it's not a terribly difficult knit. You can check out all my knitting notes at

© natandcallie

© natandcallie

© natandcallie

To check out Lee's cool and hip pattern, go to her website or to her raverly page here.


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