Sunday, July 8, 2012

off to the woods, but to the sea first..

So happy to report that I finished my ships & seaside cowl KAL just in time! Yay! My dear friend Charlyn modeled the finished the project for me in some serious hot weather here in the San Fernando Valley, but she made it look like an ordinary spring day. She's a such an inspiration to me too. I ❤ that girl!

And just when I thought one cowl was enough, I had to get all excited over the Capra yarn from Knit Picks I purchased and knit up another one as well. Check it out!

I used the Easy Mobius Capelet by Haley Waxberg as my point of reference. Unfortunately, my circulars weren't long enough to create a true moebius, so I just did a full twist when I joined my stitches. Oh, and the yarn on this...WOW! Let's just say, it's now my new ultimate favorite yarn. Can't say enough great things about it, it's that amazing. For real.

And finally, look what I found hiding in the forest...RAWR!

How much fun is this sweater? Too much I tell ya. It's the ears that get me. Every. Single. Time. ❤
That Tiny Owl Knits. She sure knows how to design the cutest stuff.