Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Callie's Stripes & Hoods part II PLUS a Contest!

OMG...shame on me for not posting sooner, but I've been knitting away so many new and fun projects!
I finished Callie's super warm & cozy sweater using the awesomely wonderful Spud & ChloĆ« Sweater yarn, and can I just say how awesome that yarn is???? Can I? Can I? And the best part was the squishiness of it! OK, so here's a picture of the final sweater, blocked, and with a kangaroo pouch added. I blocked it out as big as I could get it 'cause I want Callie to use it as much as possible before she grows out of it. Kids...I swear, throw some good old H2O and they grow like weeds.

So it turned out quite cute, but there's one HUGE mistake I made? All because I was getting excited at how it was turning out and wanted Callie to wear it. Anyone see it? First person to email me with my "mistake" gets my 'Turkish Delight' pattern for free!!! Yay!