Sunday, June 17, 2012

i'm glad i'm not a kennedy...

So my "summer break" from knitting really didn't last that long. Haha, I'm not surprised really. Turns out, that while I was just "browsing" on ravelry, I came across the TOK (that's Tiny Owl Knits for all you non-owlies out there) discussion boards and noticed a June KAL for the yummy Ships & Seaside pattern. Just reading thru and seeing all the gorgeous color choices, I just couldn't resist! This pattern was one of my favorites to knit up, and since I've never done a KAL, I thought, why not? Perfect timing too, cause I ended up checking out yarns from Knit Picks and they were having (and are having at the time of this blog!) a great sale on discontinued colors and overstock yarn. Really. Go there now! No joke! And even if you read this after their sale is over, go there anyway. They have the best prices. For real.

My Andean Treasure
Plus, not only is their customer service Ah-Mah-Zing, but free shipping in the US on any order over $50. For fifty-six George Washingtons, I ended up with 13 skeins of yarns...8 of which is their Andean Treasure of %100 Baby Alpaca...Hello Dahling! And 5 skeins of their Capra which is %85 Merino & %15 Cashmere...Oooohhhh, Aaahhhh. It's a Party for sure!

Ok, so back to this Ships & Seaside KAL. Like I mentioned. I couldn't help myself. I just had to join. And so I did. My inspiration, you ask? Why it's Cape Cod and the ever elusive Camelot family, the Kennedy's. So really, I am knitting a "summertime" project. Now where's the closest clam bake?