Sunday, January 22, 2012

foxy time...

First of all...Happy New Year!

Here's a sneak peek of MB's Foxy Stole that I knitted up for her. I got the pattern from Yarn Forward magazine which was sold in the UK, but you can find and buy this fun and easy pattern from tiny owl knits thru raverly. Here is the link my foxy friends:

The details...
This was a super fast knit (I actually knitted up a "test" fox in 2 days with cheap yarn before knitting MB's just to see if I needed to change anything). Great thing about that is that now Callie has a fox to play with :)

I used Cascade 128 Superwash yarn for the body & head and Mirasol Sulka yarn for the chin, tail, ears, and feet. I loved working with the Cascade, and although the Sulka has a great feel, it wasn't as much fun to knit with after using the Cascade. Then again, it was very little I had to use so it was worth it.

It's a gift, so I lined it with some super silky fabric and added a magnet to clip the head and tail together. It took some time after knitting, blocking, and sewing, but it was well worth it for my sister-in-law.