Friday, August 3, 2012

midnight train to georgia...

Hello friends and fellow travelers! I just returned from a month long vacation in Atlanta, GA. I didn't exactly take the "Midnight Train", but does the MARTA count at 10 pm??? I say yes...

So, like I mentioned, I was there for a month. It was awesome! Callie & I stayed with my brother and his wife (thank you two from the bottom of my ❤). Check out some (and this is just a mini fraction) of all the cool & fun stuff we did while visiting:

Turner Field...Go Braves!
chop, chop!

Willie B. & Callie
panda time!

we love cut out boards!
the moving bird

While I was frolicking in the sun with Callie Bear, I visited a LYS called Lovin' Knit over in Marietta. I was so warmly greeted by the staff, especially Cheryl (shout out) who really helped me choose a fun yarn to knit up some hexipuffs on my flight back home. The owner Pat was there as well, and was giving a knitting class which is always an encouraging sight. The shop is filled, and I mean filled with delicious yarn goodies! It's porn for yarn lovers in there! Seriously.

lovin' knit!

yarn bomb!