Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick Baby Shrug Pattern

Here's the pattern for the Quick Baby Shrug. Again, I knitted mine using my daughter as my size guide, so the pattern is for size 12-18 months. I'll try and get smaller sizes up if people request it. Enjoy & happy knitting!

xo nat


There is a typo on the pattern as to size. The actual size is for 12-18 months. If you would like a larger size, just add to the raglan increases till desired size. Any questions? Just email.


Quick Baby Shrug Nck_July 2011


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    1. Yes, it is after you've knitted rows 5 & 6 9-11 times (depending on how big you need the shoulders) on the shrug. Once you've knitted rows 5 & 6 for a bit, you can then see how the shrug is coming along by folding over the knitted piece where the stitch markers will eventually be connected and joined for the body. If you get a chance, you can check out some other finished pictures that others have knit at my raverly page:

      Hope this helped!


  2. Just curious if you ever adjusted this adorable pattern for different sizes?
    Your note says it's for a 12-18 month, yet the pattern itself says 18-24. I was hoping to make it in the 12 month size.

  3. Hi Sharon in CA...

    After all this time I now realized that there is a typo on the pattern. The pattern is actually for 12-18 months, so it looks like you're OK. If you want to make it larger, just add to the raglan increases.
    Hope this helped :)

  4. What is the sleeve portion?

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  6. Wondering how to close the underarm without a gap...thanks!!