Saturday, April 7, 2012

ooohhhh, sweet shawlette of mine...

I really am truly thankful that we live in 2012 where not only are patterns available on-line and available for instant purchase and download 24/7, but in case you do decide to purchase a pattern book via, it arrives within 24 hours on regular shipping. Hence Sweet Shawlettes by Jean Moss arriving on my door step in less than a day. God bless the Internet.

I already knew that Jean Moss' patterns in this book were already going to be Ah-Maz-Ing, but the pictures! Oh the photography is so pretty. The cowls and shawls are pretty. The wording is pretty. The entire book is, well, pretty! And I love pretty things :) Plus, the price ($14.93 via Amazon) is well within reason for all the pretty patterns you get.

First on my queue...the Ceilidh Shawlette. Just look at it below. Pretty. 

Ceilidh Shawlette

I've already ordered my yarn and I'm actually going to change the tartan patten up with a different color palette. Can't wait to get started...

And here are some more pretty patterns from the book. Ahhhh, I'm so in love...

Drift Cowl

Harlequin Cape

Mantilla Shawlette
Kitty Capelet

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